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September 30, 2016

Dear Community,

Los Angeles League of Arts would like to share with you our process for contracting and
permitting a space for L.A. Decompression. LALA produces L.A. Decom and other official
Los Angeles Regional events.

Last year, five days before the event, the City of Los Angeles had not yet issued permits we
needed in order to proceed with L.A. Decom. Our paperwork had been given to the city in order,
in a timely fashion, and we were led to believe there would not be any issues. We faced losing tens
of thousands of dollars if we went ahead without the permits and were shut down. We chose to
make a very difficult, responsible decision to cancel the event, and immediately informed our community.
The delays in permitting prevented us from making L.A. Decom happen.

We also did not want anyone to waste any more time nor money working hard to bring art,
theme camps, performances, art cars and more to create an event that had a slim chance of
getting its permits.

This year, as we proceed with plans for L.A. Decom 2016, we want to share the steps with you,
to keep you all apprised of what’s going on as it is happening.

We had expected to be able to go back to the L.A. State Historic Park, where L.A. Decom had been
held for several years before they closed the park for improvements. However, we were informed
that the park is still not ready for us to use. We entered into serious negotiations with another
outdoor venue in Downtown L.A. prior to Burning Man, but they were unable to provide a written
contract with agreed upon terms within the necessary time frame to have a successful event.

We had a list of several back-up locations in mind, and, on Monday, September 26, we were able
to secure a signed contract for an indoor/outdoor space
where we can present Decom in the
Downtown L.A. Arts District. We plan to host the 12th Annual L.A. Burning Man Decompression
Art and Music Festival on Saturday, November 5, 2016.

This event requires nine different permits, from the Los Angeles Fire, Health, Building, and Police
Departments, in addition to formal recognition by the Burning Man Project. We started this process
immediately upon receiving the signed contract. Charitable permit papers have been sent in.
The Burning Man Regional Event authorization is in process. We are meeting with the Police Department
Monday, October 3, 2016 to start the “One Night Dance” permit process.

The L.A. Decom Planning Committee met last night with all Department heads. It is hard at work and
committed to making L.A. Decom happen. During the next month, we will keep you apprised of
where we are in this complicated process.
You will know what’s up just after we do.

Dust off your costumes and plan for L.A. Decom on Saturday, November 5, 2016. Specific times,
details, and schedules to follow.

If you would like to participate in L.A. Decom as a volunteer, a theme camp, art car crew, performer,
DJ, flow arts performer or artist, please visit and check out the sign up forms
under “Participate”.

Dusty Hugs,

Marc Rosenthal, Chairman of the Board
Troy Robson, Executive Director
Esquire Jauchem, Board Member, L.A. Decom Producer
Your Los Angeles League of Arts Board of Directors
and Official Los Angeles Burning Man Regional Contacts

LA Decom Update