Tom Varden: Decin 2013

The Los Angeles League of Arts Board and your local Burning Man Regional Contacts
have some exciting news we’d like to share with you about Decom 2016!

We hope you’re ready for rump-shakin’ good time because the amazing and wonderful
people behind Art Car Bus Stop and Disorient have volunteered to run our 2 music stages!
(You KNOW this is gonna be soooooo good!)

Flow artists and fire performers, get ready to heat up the Flow Arts Stage (literally).
The fire marshal came by to check out the location and we are APPROVED for fire!

We’re still in the process of securing our final permits — there are nine of them —
but it’s lookin’ good… so all we need now is YOU!

We’re putting out the call for ART, ART CARS, THEME CAMPS, VOLUNTEERS
and MORE… If you want to answer the call, fill out the appropriate form under the
PARTICIPATE menu before October 22. We’re having the big placement meeting
on October 23 so need to know everyone to take into consideration by the 22nd!

ABOUT THE LOCATION________________________
The spot we’ve got locked in is a large warehouse with an even larger outdoor space,
so most of the event will be outside. Also, as this is a downtown location, parking is
going to be a challenge. We’re going to hire a Burner Bus to continuously bring folks
to and from the Union Station parking garage, or you may want to Lyft or Uber in.

Tickets will be $25 cash at the gate, no pre-sales. We anticipate the event to reach
capacity quickly so your best bet is to get there early and enjoy the day!

We will be continuously updating capacity information the LA Burning Man Facebook Page,
which automatically update our @LABurningMan twitter feed so be sure to follow us on
November 5 to get capacity updates. [I’m working on putting the Twitter/FB feed on this
website but I’ve never done that, so no promises – Plaid]

Looking forward to seeing you on November 5!

Dusty Hugs,
The Los Angeles League of Arts Board of Directors
Burning Man Los Angeles Regional Contacts