WHAT: The 12th Los Angeles Burning Man Decompression Art & Music Celebration and Fundraiser

WHEN: Saturday November 5, 1pm until midnight (or later?)

WHERE: We’ve *finally* found a location that can handle our fire, art, and enthusiasm!

527 Colyton St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013-2212

It is a downtown warehouse with a very large outdoor area in the Arts District. Most of the event will be outdoors, plan accordingly! (SUNSCREEN!)

It is (of course) smaller than the State Historic Park, so we’ll have to scale down everything associated with the event – our capacity is 2,500.

$25 cash at the door, no pre-sales.
There will be no ATMs on site, come prepared!
There will be no tickets sold after 10 pm.
No re-entry. Come early and enjoy the day and night!
(all children 12 and under are free)

We’ve got a much smaller venue than our usual state park (still under construction),
so we’ve got a much smaller capacity – 2,500 (instead of the more than 8,000 we had in the park).

Our advice is to come early and stay all day! We’ll be continuously updating the LA Burning Man
Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/laburningman/
(which updates our @laburningman Twitter account) with the capacity status and any other advice
we have on how to have a rad day at Decom.

Signing up to get our Twitter updates is your best/easiest bet to stay informed.

There is virtually NO PARKING near our LA Decom location. Not only is there no parking to begin with, there is a dedication of a new park
two blocks from us on Saturday with the Councilman speaking; any street parking you might have hoped to get early in the day while this
event is happening will be already taken.

1) LYFT or UBER in.

Detailed information on the shuttle buses {and maps!} is on the LOCATION page on this site:

We’ve tried to enable as many people to participate as is possible given the smaller location
and limited stages. The deadline has passed for getting placed/scheduled to play at Decom, but if you’d like to see if we can “work you in”
Just sign up using the forms under PARTICIPATE on http://www.ladecom.com and the various department heads will let you
know if they can add you. I believe they are still looking for performers for the fire stage (painters, face painters, or fire performers).
If you’re interested, contact perform@laburningman.com.

VOLUNTEER: We may need more help! I didn’t give the various teams enough time to get back to me with
their requests, but there’s always something we all can do to help make Decom happen, and then be gone
by the next day! Fill out the Volunteer form under PARTICIPATE on http://www.ladecom.com and/or
email volunteers@laburningman.com to help out.

 Creative Attire Encouraged! Bring out your playa best!


FREE WATER: Bring your own cup or an empty water bottle, there is free water onsite!

LA Decom is an ALL AGES event. We encourage parents to have a good time with their kids.
Please be responsible and aware of children around you. We can all have a safe and fun time together!
All children 12 and under are free with accompanied parent or legal guardian.

 Big smiles! Great attitudes! Costumes!
Bring your own cup or an empty water bottle, there is free water onsite!
Keep in mind it’s a mostly outdoor event – bring sunscreen if you plan on being at Decom all day –
and may get cold at night and *cross your fingers*.  Be prepared; let’s rock those 11 principals!

Security will be searching bags before you can buy your ticket and enter the event. Please
do not bring with you: Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, Weapons, Explosives, Markers, Paint, and GLOW STICKS
(glow sticks are evil!). We would also prefer you not bring anything that leaves a lot of MOOP like feather boas.

We love your furry family members, but they will not be allowed at the event this year.

Everyone’s on-site, but you can email me and I may be able to answer your your burning questions:


lostandfound@laburningman.com In case you need it post-event.